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The Holy Fire from the Lord's Tomb in Jerusalem was brought to St Herman's and burns on our altar and on our
The Holy Fire from the Lord's Tomb in Jerusalem was brought to St Herman's and burns on our altar and on our "Golgotha" Table.
The Holy Fire from the Lord's Tomb in Jerusalem was brought to St Herman's and burns on our altar and on our "Golgotha" Table.
May 21, 2017

OUR ANNUAL PILGRIMAGE TO Holy Dormition Monastery in Rives Junction, MI, is the last full week of July. Our purpose is twofold: to get a taste of monastic life, insofar as we are able, by working, eating and praying with the Mothers; and, to establish a spiritual connection with an Orthodox monastery. Generally, most of us take Monday as a travel day and go through Chicago to arrive by Monday evening. Others go through Mackinaw City, MI, and arrive on Tuesday after lunch. Tuesday and Wednesday are our “work days”. Wednesday evening, Mother Abbess Gabriella or Fr John speak to us and field our questions. We’ll be putting up a sign up sheet on the bulletin board downstairs so that those wanting to go may indicate so, and we can give Mother Abbess Gabriella an idea of how many the Mothers and Sisters should prepare for.

BLESSED MOTHER’S DAY to all of our Mothers, grandmothers and godmothers!

THANK YOU to Fr Thaddeus Nielsen who served St Herman’s the last two Sundays, allowing Fr Paul and Presbytera to go on an extended road trip to Amelia Island, Fl and back!

THE HOLY FIRE that miraculously descends on the LORD’s Tomb in Jerusalem every Great and Holy Saturday (only when the Orthodox Patriarch goes into the tomb) was brought to the United States this year; and, on Friday, it came to St Herman’s from St Ignatius Orthodox Church in Madison, WI. It now burns in two lanterns, one on our “Golgotha” and the other on our altar. The lanterns are fueled by kerosene, which does give off a slight kerosene odor that fills the Church. We’ll be experimenting with olive oil, to see if the fire burns as well and with less odor.

A MODEL OF THE OLD TESTAMENT Temple was built by Brad’s Church School class this year. They will be have it on display at our coffee hour next Sunday.

SUMMERS IN THE LIBRARY (or in the basement under the library if more room is wanted) with Fr Paul be held on Sunday mornings at 9 am before the Divine Liturgy. The first session will be on Sunday, June 11. Bring your Orthodox Study Bible. We will be looking at the “Christology” of the Wisdom of Solomon.

OUR CHARITY for the months of May and June is FOCUS Mpls. Along with whatever donations we are able to give, we will also be serving the meal for FOCUS on Sunday, May 28. Nicole has a sign-up sheet for volunteers on the bulletin board downstairs.

THE FEAST OF ASCENSION IS Thursday, May 25. We’ll serve the Feast with Vigil and Litiya on Wednesday, May 24, at 630 pm. Divine Liturgy for the Feast will be Thursday, May 25, at 6 am.

MEOCCA serves the Vespers with Kneeling Prayers for Pentecost on Pentecost Sunday, June 4, at St Mary’s Greek. The service begins at 4 pm. Our Bishop Paul will be with us at that service. Following the service, the MEOCCA Clergy will serve a nice barbecue meal to the faithful who attend!

THE UNITED STATES CHAPTER of IOCC has its main office in Minneapolis. Dan Christopulos announces that his office is accepting applications for an IOCC intern this year. Deadline for application is Apr 30. For information, go to:

CONGRATULATIONS TO KATIE Wesche on her graduation from St Benedict’s College with a Bachelor of Arts in Bio-Chemistry.

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Portaitissa Miracle-Working Icon, Iveron Monastery, Mt Athos
Portaitissa Miracle-Working Icon, Iveron Monastery, Mt Athos
Portaitissa Miracle-Working Icon, Iveron Monastery, Mt Athos

Commenting on the LORD’s word in this morning’s Gospel of the Samaritan Woman: “My food is to do the will of My Father.”

 Here is love! Here is teaching! Here is acquiescence! Here is a model! Those who love they also serve. If you want to find out how great your love is towards God, then measure your obedience to the will of God, and you will immediately learn. Lack of positive obedience is a sign of a lack of love. Those who love, delight in fulfilling the will of the beloved. The Son of God so loved His Father that He thought it to be preferable to food to fulfill the will of the Father. What is the will of the Father? The salvation of man. The LORD, Son of God felt an unquenchable hunger to carry out the will of the Father. and when He had saved a soul, He felt nourished with the sweetest food. See how exalted is the spirituality of Christ!

O my brothers [and sisters], if you only knew how much Christ our LORD also hungers for our salvation! We begin our own salvation which He offers to us. That is for Him the most gladsome food. O LORD Jesus, insatiable lover of men, have mercy on us and save us. Glory to Thee and praise for ever. Amen.


Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic (St Nicholai of Zicha), Prologue, September 7, p. 706.

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