2023 President's Report


Dear Parishioners of St. Herman’s,

As I sit down to write this report and reflect on 2022, I find it difficult not to be overcome by a deep sense of joy. I find it hard to recall a time when St. Herman’s was operating at such a vibrant and joyful level. Some phrases that jump to mind are ‘firing on all cylinder’, ‘cooking with gas’ or ‘playing some of our best ball’. It’s humbling to think that these phrases can still be applied to a parish with an already stellar and storied history. I believe this is most truly reflected in the record number of catechumens and inquirers we saw come through our doors this last year. I am genuinely hopeful for what 2023 has in store for us. Before I get too ahead of myself, please give me an opportunity to highlight some accomplishments from 2022.

I’d like to dedicate the first section of my report to the return of some very important things at St. Herman’s. Firstly, we saw the return of church school on Sunday mornings in 2022. The upbringing of children in the Church is a community effort. As a person raised in the church myself, I can truly say that the lessons learned, and the relationships built between church school teachers and classmates are essential in shaping and guiding our kids. A huge thanks to Corinne Johnson in spearheading this effort along with Presbytera Nancy, Maureen Johnson and Susanna Tabeling for their dedication and love for our young ones. The other return I must mention is the return of our Mittel European dinner back in November. With how successful this year’s dinner was, it’s hard to believe that we had taken a few years off. The delicious food, generously donated wine, beer and raffle prizes and the impeccable company always make this a highlight of the year. Thank you to our chef Gene Rebeck, Alex Wauck, Miriam Julian, and Marisa Gremillion for all their hard work in making this year’s dinner a success.

You’ll notice a ‘hot’ new addition to the kitchen the next time you poke your head in there. This year we were able to purchase a much-needed replacement for our old stove. With attendance up and coffee hour in full swing this will benefit us greatly for many years to come. A huge thanks to Tim Ketcher and Rachel Somsen for their efforts in making this possible.

While the nave and sanctuary get most of the publicity, the church basement serves an important and often humble role in the life of our parish. Many of the above-mentioned accomplishments would not be possible without the basement. As many of you have probably noticed, our basement at St. Herman’s is in a need of a refresh. One of the top priorities of the parish council in 2023 will be the renovation of the basement. We have been in contact with Woodcrest Builders (the contracting firm that performed the outside building restoration and the solea renovation) regarding the basement and have received an estimate from them. You will hear more about this at the upcoming All Parish Meeting.

In closing, I would like to sincerely thank Laurie Rother and Miriam Julian for their many years of service as members of the parish council. Miriam has kept us on-track and up to date with her thorough minute taking and Laurie’s experience in the interior design space has been invaluable in planning and executing projects throughout the church. I’d like to take this opportunity to also thank all the behind-the-scenes contributors. Whether it’s shoveling snow (especially during a year like this, thank you Doug Johnson), adorning the church with flowers and greenery, baking the prosphora, making the best coffee this side of the Mississippi, or tending to the candles and lampadas, it’s these activities that keep the church running and contribute greatly to the vibrancy of the parish.


Caleb Tkach

Parish Council President

Annual Report to Parish