St Herman's Orthodox Church
Orthodox Church in America (OCA)
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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St Herman's Orthodox Church
5355 38th Ave So; Minneapolis, MN 55417
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Upcoming Services

Sunday, May 31st
7th Sunday of Pascha
9 am Divine Liturgy

[Our limit is 20 people in the nave. Those whose names are 'drawn' from the hat will be notified.]
Wednesday, June 3rd
630 pm Vesperal Divine Liturgy
[Fr Christopher Maciolek will serve]
Saturday, June 6th
No Names will be drawn for the services today. If you wish to come to either service, contact Fr Paul. He'll keep the light on green until we reach our limit. Then, the light will turn to red
9 am Memorial Divine Liturgy

[Fr Paul serves. Fr Paul has the lists of departed loved ones you've given him from previous memorial liturgies. Give to him the names of any newly departed to be commemorated at this morning's Liturgy] 
5 pm Great Vespers
Sunday, June 7th
9 am Divine Liturgy of St Jhn Chrys
Kneeling prayers for Pentecost at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy
[Our limit is 25 people in the nave. Those whose names are 'drawn'will be notified.]