St Herman's Orthodox Church
Orthodox Church in America (OCA)
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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St Herman of Alaska by the hand of Vladislav Andreyev
Icon of Theotokos by hands of Visoki Decani Monastery located in the UN administered Serbian Province of Kosovo and Metohia.
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St Herman's Orthodox Church
5355 38th Ave So; Minneapolis, MN 55417
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Upcoming Services

Saturday, December 7th
1015 am - 1145 am Catechumenate and Inquirers' Class

355 pm - Choir Rehearsal
430 pm Confessions
5 pm Vigil
Sunday, December 8th
Fourth Sunday of Advent
NO Church School/Adult Ed

910 Hours
930 am Divine Liturgy with Baptism of Anna Cyprus
We light the 4th Candle of the Advent Wreath
12 NOON Coffee Hour
Wednesday, December 11th
7 pm Daily Vespers
Thursday, December 12th
6 pm Vigil for St Herman