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The Holy Fire from the Lord's Tomb in Jerusalem was brought to St Herman's and burns on our altar and on our
The Holy Fire from the Lord's Tomb in Jerusalem was brought to St Herman's and burns on our altar and on our "Golgotha" Table.
The Holy Fire from the Lord's Tomb in Jerusalem was brought to St Herman's and burns on our altar and on our "Golgotha" Table.
January 13, 2019

HOME BLESSINGS. The proposed schedule for the remaining home blessings is in the third column of the bulletin.

GREAT BLESSING OF WATERS takes place again at the conclusion of this morning’s Divine Liturgy. Why? Because there’s no more blessed waters!

ANNUAL ALL-PARISH MEETING will take place in the Nave, following a shortened Coffee Hour on Sunday, Jan 27.

ST HERMAN’S MEN’S CHOIR held its first rehearsal last Thursday. Any male interested in singing in this group, talk to Mark.

LEARN HEBREW under Fr Paul Tarazi at St Elizabeth Orthodox Church in South St Paul on Thursday afternoons, from 2-4 pm. The 12 week intensive course begins on Thurs, Jan 24. For information and to register, email; or, call 651-424-0814.

2019 TOUR OF THE HOLY LAND with His Grace, Bishop Paul, departs O’Hare on Mon, May 27th and returns to O’Hare on Wed, June 5. Base cost is $2595 per traveler, plus $418 for airline departure taxes, plus gratuities and insurance. Interested? Talk to Fr Paul and he’ll direct you to all the information.

CLASSES of the WINTER SEMESTER of St Herman’s CATECHUMENS- INQUIRERS class will present the Orthodox doctrine of salvation under the Title: “The Exodus of the Gospel. Odyssea Animae, or the Soul’s Odyssey, the Journey of the Soul.” in preparation for the resumption of classes, whenever that should happen, 1) begin to read the story of the Exodus in…the Book of Exodus! 2) start reading from the Psalms daily; 3) begin memorizing Psalm 50/51. (This would be a good thing for all of us to do!) Fr Paul will begin George Greek Orthodox Church in Saint Paul, MN. No cost, open to anyone and everyone. Register online: 

ST HERMAN’S BOOK CLUB. St. Herman’s Book Club will meet at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, January 26th at the church. Our current book is The Way of the Pilgrim.  Please read the entire book and be prepared to discuss on the 26th.  Books are available in the St.Herman’s Bookstore and all are welcome.

HERE IS THE PROPOSED schedule of Saturday home blessings in January. You’ll receive an email with the proposed itinerary and instructions sometime in the week before your scheduled Saturday.

January 19

Igor & Yuliya

Matthew N

Rob Y

Joe & Billie


Dan & Rachel


Rob & Natalia

Ed & Angela

Graham & Sonia


January 26




Brent & Nicole


Tim K

Matthew & Becca

Dan & Emily

For Dinner!

John & Mary Kaye

Misael & Julia

Kathy & Anna

Nicholas & Jocelyn


CHILI COOK-OFF following the Divine Liturgy on Sunday, February 17, the Beginning of the Lenten Triodion (and the beginning of a fast-free week!)

presenting the topic on a weekday evening in the next week or two, the evening yet to be determined. It will be recorded for our St Herman’s website YouTube channel. Catechumens and anyone else interested may then click on the YouTube symbol at the bottom right-hand corner of the home page to view them. 

MEOCCA CO-OPERATIVE CATECHISM Winter Semester begins on Monday evenings 7-9 pm starting January 14, 2019 at St.

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Portaitissa Miracle-Working Icon, Iveron Monastery, Mt Athos
Portaitissa Miracle-Working Icon, Iveron Monastery, Mt Athos
Portaitissa Miracle-Working Icon, Iveron Monastery, Mt Athos

The saints are heavenly human beings. Have you ever seen something which has caught fire and is burning in its entirety? That’s what their life is like. They communicate with Christ and are united with Him in different ways, but especially through unceasing prayer. “My Christ,” they say to Him constantly, “come into my heart—my LORD Jesus, my Christ—come and dwell in me.” And Christ comes and dwells mystically in their hearts. That shouldn’t surprise us. When you call someone, don’t they come to you? Will Christ then not come when you call Him? When you speak to someone, don’t they hear you? Won’t then God hear you, who said, “Whatever you ask of me I will give you” (Mt 21:22)? “Come and dwell in us,” the saint says. He says it with his lips, he says it with his mind, he says it with his heart, and thus heart and mind are united with Christ. Then he feels that Christ is speaking to him, making his life sweet, his day joyful, and his nights unforgettable.

And we, what should we do? We all know how wearisome life is, burdened with a thousand worries. But seeing what the saints of our Church have done, let us at least do the few small things of which we are capable. Christ accepts the hundred, the thirty, and the five which you will give Him. If you can’t remember Him a thousand, or a hundred, or fifty times a day, say to Him with love: O my Christ! Enter my heart! Can you do this ten times a day? Five times? If you feel it, and you call upon Him even twice a day, after a month, you will be sweetened, and you will seek Him ten times, then twenty times, and then you will begin to feel Him in your heart.


Archimandrite Aimilianos of Simonopetra, “Spiritual Life,”

The Church at Prayer, p. 121

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Thursday, January 17th
St. Anthony the Great
615 am Divine Liturgy St JhnChrys

6 pm Teen Night at Fr Paul&Presbytera's.
The ABC's of Biblical/Orthodox Spiritualiity.
The letter "A".
Friday, January 18th
7 pm Daily Vespers
Saturday, January 19th
10 am - 4 pm Home Blessings

5pm Vigil
Sunday, January 20th
9 am "Synaxis" of St Herman's: Church School & Adult Bible Study (Fr Paul)
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10 am Divine Liturrgy St JhnChrys
12 NOON Coffee Hour