St Herman's Orthodox Church
Orthodox Church in America (OCA)
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Upcoming Events

July 7: Mother Nancy's Delicious Chicken Dinner

Vespers at 6:00 pm

Chicken Dinner at 7:00 pm

[Suggested Donation: $10 - $15]

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St Herman's Orthodox Church
5355 38th Ave So; Minneapolis, MN 55417
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Upcoming Services

Saturday, July 31st
Fr Paul & Presbytera return from short vacation
Sunday, August 1st
Procession of the Cross
First Feast of the Savior in August
[Beginning of Dormition Fast]
840 am Hours
9 am Divine Liturgy St JhnChrys
11 am Coffee Hour
Thursday, August 5th
Return from Work Trip to Holy Dormition Monastery
6 pm Vigil with Litya for the Feast
Friday, August 6th
[Second Feast of the Savior in August]
630 am Divine Liturgy St JhnChrys